It’s time for a weekly spread!  The first week of February, the theme is Candy Hearts, so I drew “Jan 31 to Feb 6” on candy hearts. Then I wrote Monday through Sunday with a doodle with 2 hearts. I wrote Jan 31 through Feb 6 below the days.  I use the Trash Day stickers Sunday and Thursday for trash days.

Then on the next page I drew Candy Hearts with “Health” and “Recap” on the weekly spread. I wrote “Hydrate” on the page and used hydrate stickers. I wrote “Exercise”, “Vitamins”, and “Weight” on the page and use stickers. I wrote “Menu” and use a long box of stickers too.

On the “Recap” page I will write the prompts of the end of the week.

This is the weekly spread of January 31 through February 6. Follow me on my blog, and I will see you next blog!

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