I have Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger’s. What if I am an alien? I’m adopted. My parents tried to get pregnant.

I’m adopted. My parents tried to get pregnant. My mother scheduled her doctor to see if she was infertile or not. The doctor told her that she had a period every month, but the egg is just a egg, no chromosomes. She is infertile.

They want a baby, so they look for an adoption agency. They found Gladney Center for Adoption. They wanted a baby who is a boy. Gladney called them about a girl that no one wanted (me). My parents said yes. I was 2 weeks before my parents said yes.

I am unique. School days, I am a dreamer; I day dreams. I day dream today. I’m a loner. I have friends, but not a best friend. As adult, I tested ASD. I worked at TI in product development engineer. Vance was a speech delay or ASD. The girls don’t have it; they are normal.

I saw Orion Kelly on autism and foreign. I thought what if I was an alien? I have logic but not emotional. I can’t seem to hear if you say sarcasm or not. I asked that. I have a 135 IQ after the stroke. Before the stroke, I had 145 IQ. The cardiologist surgeon told me that the surgery took longer because I have a heart that is diagonal, not straight like the patients before I had mine done. I have amblyopia, a lazy eye since I was 3 years old. I need glasses. And lastly, I’m allergic to everything: environment, animals, and food. But honestly, I’m allergic to the bad stuff like wheat, soy, corn, etc. and I’m not allergic to healthy foods like chicken, veggies, and fruit, etc.

Maybe I am alien or not, but I have ASD anyway.

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