This is the week of January 9 to 15 weekly spread. The spread is ok; not my best. Monday is the chores day. I will come home from a weekend vacation and dirty clothes. (Laundry) Wednesday is CBS Bible study. I’m thinking to go to a Korean store and look around. Thursday is shopping day, and Saturday I go to Vance’s game. I decorated it with Kellofaplan Winter Florals, and I make a big box light blue.

January 9-15 spread

The Faith Planner is boring, I think. But I have written in it. Maybe I should show you what I have written.

January 2-8 Faith Planner
January 9-15 Faith Planner

Next blog I will post arriving my sister’s vacation house for Vail, my younger daughter; Vana, my oldest daughter; Adam, Vana’s husband; my parents; Sarah’s family; and me. See you next post!

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