Last weekend I went to Sarah’s Vacation House to see my daughters and have late Christmas time. We have a great time, and I laughed so hard too. We will to it again! Sarah, Riley, Jason, Vail, her best friend Erin, Mom, Dad, Vana, Adam, and me (not pictured) are there.

LBJ Lake at Sarah’s Vacation House
Neighbor’s boat on the lake
Jason and Dad
The geese
Vail, my daughter
Erin, Vail’s best friend
My Dad
My Mom and Sarah
The full moon
Vana and Vail, my daughters
Erin, Adam, Vana, Riley, and Vail; The cousins!
Vail showing off the candle
Dad and his calendar
Vail and her plants
Adam and his candle
Mom with Sheba and her perfume
Vana, my daughter, and her ornaments
Vail and her leggings
Sarah amazed at her Paris cigarette case
Vail opening presents
Vana and her Harry Potter mug
Mom and Sheba and her present
Riley confused her beret
Riley and Gigi stealing the “snowballs”
Mom versus Riley at snowball fight

I hope you have fun looking at the pictures. Next post, it’s a planning weekly spread. I see you later!

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