I’m allergic to everything: environmental, pets, and food. I’m allergic to dairy, eggs, soy, corn, beef, fish, peanut butter. I have to make my food because most of the grocery stores have finished goods. Most of the recipes have altered to my allergies. First one is Pork Nachos

I prepared all of the produce: tomatoes and onions. I’m picky, so tomatoes and onions have to be cooked. I don’t like tomatoes and onion raw. I prepared salt, pepper, garlic powder, ground pork, canned kidney beans, and 2 jalapeños.

Avocado oil goes in the skillet.

I cooked the tomatoes and onions.

Then I cooked ground pork and the vegetables together.

I cooked kidney beans, too.

While the mixture is cooking, I got the plate and put grain free tortilla chips on it.

After the mixture is finished, I put the pork mixture on the tortilla chips.

I chopped the jalapeño peppers, and I put the the top of the pork mixture.

I shredded the cheese.

I microwaved it for 1 min 30 seconds. Finished!


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