We had a double game: 3rd and 4th game. Spoiler alert: we lost both of them.

The 3rd game was at Sanger. Let’s go!

Vance before the game starts
Defense move from Vance
End of first quarter
Defense move from Vance
Defense move from Vance
Second quarter
Third quarter
Fourth quarter

Vance’s stats: Offensively, he had not make a shot the whole game. Defensively, he rebound more, than offensively.

The second game was at Pilot Point versus Aubrey. Second time, brain dump, here I come!

End of first quarter
Vance’s first free throw
Vance’s second free throw
Defensive move from Vance
End of second quarter
End of third quarter
Defense move from Vance

Sorry! I forgot the final score, but we lost.

Vance said, “I am done with respect for the coach. At practice, we saw a new play and practiced it. He wanted to use the double game. All of teammates are confused, and the coach should have known that the team were confused and don’t use it for a game. Give us multiple practice until it’s perfect and then use it for a game. The first game we tried to the new play, but it came out like a mess. The coach said maybe the starters couldn’t do the new play, so the second string do it. It came out like a bigger mess!” And Vance got 6 minutes the second game versus 24 minutes a game.

Next time, I blog my weekly spread and the fifth game. Comment on agree or disagree what the coach did. I want to hear what you say!

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