Hi! We are looking at my February 6 to 12 weekly spread. The all-in-one journal, the decorations are Kellofaplan Winter Florals. It is so pretty! Last week, I forgot to write in my journal, but this week, I will.

All-in-one journal

At Faith journal, I decorated it with a washi tape from Amazon. Last week, we had a winter storm. Snow is like a snow day. The kids stay home and made snowman and play. This is ice. People don’t drive because if they do and drive too fast, they crash. This is Texas! We don’t drive in ice! The Bible Study was cancelled. Next week, we study half of last week and half of this week.

I went over my all-in-one and Faith journal.

Faith Journal

I went over my all-in-one and Faith journal with you. Comment on what decorations you do at your weekly. I will see you at my blog post! Bye!

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