The 2020 yearly word is renew. I met Zach. He is my friend and eventually boyfriend. I went to Vance’s games, basketball, and soccer until we had lockdown. We had lockdown from mid-March to August. At summer I met Thance, my ex-husband, to pick up my son, Vance, and drop him off. We went to the park and the water station. September I went to all of the games. Renew was a success because I met Zach, and I spent time with Vance.

The 2021 yearly word is (was) fearless. I moved from Plano to Fairview. We (Zach and I) moved together. Vance spend-tje-nihht with me. Now, Vance came to spend the night Saturday and leaves Sunday. I watched all Vance’s games at fall. He plays flag football. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, we (Vance and i) went to my parents house. Vana and Adam and Vail went to. Vana and Vail are my daughters. Adam is my son-in-law. He is married to Vana. End of September, I was promised to Zach. Fearless is a fail because at September I had a depression, not suicidal things, but fear was there.

Promise rings!

The 2022 yearly word will be hope.

Hope is defined to expect with confidence. My goals will be: success of my blog, succes of Vance’s games, and keeping up the tidying up.

One response to “Yearly word is…”

  1. April Cobb Avatar
    April Cobb

    I love the little wreath with green and blue flowers! That’s a beautiful design! I also think the rings are very meaningful for both of you! Glad to know Zach has you … You mean a lot to him and me … Everybody should have a good person to travel through life with.


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