It’s planning time! This weekly spread is March 20 to 26 weekly spread. Let’s go!

I decorated with Kellofaplan Bright Florals Ver 1 with my routine. I like it. Two 2- blocks I decorated with this spread. I like it.

All-in-one weekly spread

In the Faith journal, I decorated with mint green with silver bows from Simply Guilded. I love the washi tape!

Faith weekly spread

From all-in-one journal, I like this spread, not love it. I wish I should put the background at sage green, not white. Maybe I will do it in the next week. From Faith journal, I love this spread. I write this journal, and it makes me loved. By the way, my favorite color is sage green.

Next week, no rugby game because it’s Spring Break, but I take you on a journey to gardening. See you on the next blog!

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