I am a beginner at gardening. Last summer, I grow herbs, and they died. This year, I grow broccoli sprouts because they are healthy, and they have herbal medicine to them

To start broccoli sprouts, you need broccoli seeds, soil ( I use Jiffy Seed Starter), water, paper towels ( I use 3 paper towels), two containers, and a plastic lid.

Step 1. Poke the holes into the lid where the paper towels fit in, like this.

Step 2. Fill 1 container with water, and put the lid upside down so the paper towels soak up the water.

Step 3. Put the soil in the lid and container contraption.

Step 4. Put seeds in the soil/lid contraption.

Step 5. Put another container upside down on top of the seeds. The seeds need to grow in a place where there’s no light.

This is the next day.

This is day 2

This is day 4.

This day 5. It’s about to be harvested. I put the broccoli sprout outside where the sun shines the broccoli sprouts.

Day 6. Harvested time. It is delicious too.

And started over and over again!

I hope you learn about how to grow broccoli sprouts, They are so delicious, and you made them!

Next blog, Vance’s play rugby at Celina, and planning with monthly spread and weekly spread. See you in my next blog!

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