So I got an IPad! Eek! I will learn it, and this bullet journal is the last. Next week, I will use Goodnotes for a journal. Let’s see what I’m doing for today.

This week I have a dashboard layout for February 14 to 20. It is ok, but not the best of all time. I have trash stickers Thursday and Sunday.

The next page I used a “Health” page with a menu sticker, a workout sticker, 2 vitamin stickers for morning vitamins and a evening vitamins, weight stickers, and 7 hydrate stickers. I usually drink 80 oz of water every day, so the “Hydrate” stickers are used up.

The last page is “Recap” page where they asks you questions and you write down the answers. It’s a guided journal.  I really like it!

Next week, I use a online journal. I’m so excited! See you later!

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