Now, I’m going back to Happy Planner. I am using 2021 vertical planner, and I re-dated to 2022. I decorated with Kellofaplan Winter Florals version 1. I’m so on vacation January 6-8 for the kids late Christmas weekend, and Community Bible Study start after the New Year.

January Monththly

I used Kellofaplan Winter Florals version 1 for this spread. I wished the background was a navy blue and writing was white. Monday is my chores. Tuesday is the mail day. Wednesday is anti-procrastination day and Bible study. Thursday is shopping. Friday is the car day. Saturday if Vance has a game, it’s on that day. Sunday is church day and Cowboys football teams plays on Sunday.

January 2-8

I began a Faith Journal. I am a Christian, and I will write in my journal. For now I will write Bible verses, observational about the passages, and application for why I learn this passage. The spread is made of washi tape with purple, teal, and navy blue.

Faith January 2-8

These are my spreads. Have you gotten the Faith journal? What’s in your journal? Have a great day, and I’ll see you later!

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